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COVID-19 Statement

To our valued patients and community, please read below for changes to our clinic operations and important information regarding our response to the COVID pandemic currently ongoing in our province.

On-site/in-person Visits

Following Alberta's relaunch strategy, ElmTree Clinic will be closed to patients until Stage 3 (timing to be determined). Exceptions may be made, based on careful evaluation.

Virus Information, Prevention And Screening

  • First of all, please remain up-to-date by consuming credible sources of information on the virus and preventative measures at
  • We are taking these measures to reduce the risk to our patients and staff at ElmTree Clinic.
  • We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are making these changes in an attempt to limit community spread and reduce the risk of exposing our vulnerable patients to the virus.

Appointment Booking

In order to minimize transmission of the virus and increase our ability to respond to emergencies as needed, we are reducing the number of physicians who will be working in our clinic and will be reducing our available appointments to only absolutely essential in-person visits.

In order to limit the number of people coming into our clinic and reduce care burdens, we ask the following of our patients:

  1. If you have a scheduled appointment, expect for your appointment to be handled remotely over the phone or via video if possible. We are working to establish a secure video conference system.
  2. Prior to making an essential in-person appointment with your physician, please ensure you have screened yourself through available criteria for COVID and avoid booking an appointment if you are positive for the screening questions.
  3. Use the Alberta COVID-19 Self Assessment Online Screening Tool.
  4. If you test positive to the screening questions, please immediately self-isolate yourself (and any family members you have been in contact with) and call 811 (HealthLink) for further instructions. We understand that wait times are very long at this time but we do not have the capacity to respond to your questions and concerns regarding COVID at our office.

Prescription Refills

  • Please take time to check the status of any regular medications you use and ensure that your supply is sufficient for the next 4 weeks minimum.
  • If you are in need of a refill of your medication, please phone your pharmacy and request a refill. Our pharmacists are working with us to ensure patients are given refills of medications.
  • If a prescription refill is needed, the pharmacist will fax a request to your physician for that to be done remotely.

Changes To Waiting Room/Offices

  1. Upon arriving at our office for your appointment, please ring the doorbell and we will acknowledge that you are there. We will get your cell phone number. We are asking that you remain in your vehicle to wait for your appointment time, rather than waiting in our waiting room. When we are ready for your appointment to start, we will phone you.
  2. There will be no toys in the waiting room or in offices. If necessary we will provide a limited number of toys. We are asking that families bring toys and activities for their children.
  3. We ask for your patience and understanding in these stressful times as we work to protect ourselves, our staff and our patients from the spread of this virus.

We will update this regularly. Please check back often for information if you should need it.

Last updated: 2020-03-29

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