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Feeding Your Baby: The Formula Crisis & Beyond (entire video)


  • 0:00 Intro, the role of the lactation consultant
  • 05:25 Infant nutrition, diversity among lactation specialists, physical breastfeeding vs. feeding breastmilk
  • 08:17 Social determinants, challenges for low socioeconomic and the highly educated, maternal advantages & benefits of breastfeeding
  • 14:50 Infant advantages & benefits of breastfeeding
  • 19:34Breastmilk vs. formula cost (both monetary and social)
  • 23:11 Debriefing past trauma & why it's often uncomfortable to talk about breastfeeding, more neonatal benefits
  • 27:53 Composition of human milk, immune properties, HIV considerations, positioning for bottle feeding
  • 31:39 Tongue-tied babies, breast-shaped bottles, maternal mental health & the effect of stress on infants, breastmilk is best
  • 41:21 Formula composition, cow milk vs. goat milk based, clever marketing, soy based formulas
  • 50:29 The simplicity of supplementing with formula & it's effect on milk supply, the formula industrial complex, clever marketing
  • 59:43 Baby friendly hospitals, informed consent, alternatives to breastfeeding, donor milk, synthetic milk
  • 1:05:25 Milk production for multiples, pumping pros & cons, mastitis, temperament & personality in infants & beyond
  • 1:14:58 The formula crisis, causes & possible solutions
  • 1:18:40 Final thoughts, tying it all together, finding a lactation consultant