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Medical Procedures and Visits

Medical Procedures

10 Ways To Help Your Child Get Through Challenging Procedures

Tips for Caregivers

🌐 Supporting your child through a brief medical procedure
🌐 Managing pain and distress in children undergoing brief diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
🌐 Reducing your child's discomfort during procedures
🌐 Solutions for Kids in Pain

My Day Surgery Operation
It Doesn’t Have To Hurt


Coping with Blood Work

Blood Draws/Immunizations - Comfort Positions

🌐 Blood work: Helping your child get ready
🌐 Getting a Blood Test (Video)
🌐 5 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Blood Draws
🌐 Tips for a Toddler Blood Test
🌐 Tear-free pokes: Six ways to make blood work less stressful for your kids
🌐 Needles (factsheet, websites, videos)
🌐 Preparing Your Child for Blood Collection
🌐 Blood Draw

Going to the Dentist

🌐 Picture books about dentists and dental care
🌐 Going to the Dentist
🌐 Autism Speaks - Dental Tool Kit
🌐 Social Story - Dentist Appointment
🌐 Social Story - Getting a Dental Filling

Picture Books

Medical Picture Books

🌐 Picture Books About Health
🌐 Books for the child afraid of medical procedures
🌐 10 Great Children’s Books for Talking About Surgery, Sickness and Feelings
🌐 Top 10 Medical Care Books
🌐 The Best Children’s Books About Hospital
🌐 Books for Children with Chronic Illness
🌐 CHaD (New Hampshire, USA) - Websites and Books
🌐 CHOC (California, USA) - Book Resource List

Child Life

🌐 Child Life Program
🌐 Child Life Department

Social Stories

🌐 Autism Friendly Social Stories
🌐 Healthcare Social Stories
🌐 Medical Social Stories
🌐 I Am Going to the Doctor

Medical Traumatic Stress

🌐 Medical Trauma
🌐 Integrated Care Approaches to Traumatic Stress in Children with Chronic Health Conditions
🌐 Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress Toolkit For Health Care Providers
🌐 Understanding and Managing Medical Traumatic Stress in Children, Youth, and Families
🌐 What is Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress?
🌐 After the Injury
🌐 Trauma Informed Care: Focus on Pediatric Medical Trauma Stress (PMTS)