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NRF - NeuroRelational Framework

The NRF is a body-brain-based approach to assessment and intervention for early development. Three core concepts about brain development inform the NRF’s three steps: the Grounded Roots, the Supportive Trunk, the Integrated Branches.

  • Neuro = references the focus on understanding principles of brain development
  • Relational = references the significance of relationships and their impact on healing
  • Framework = references the NRF as both an assessment and intervention practice guiding the use of promising and evidence-based practices, so treatments better match neurodevelopmental needs

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Step One

5 Paradigm Shifts
NRF Three Steps to Resilience
Safety-Challenge-Threat Triad
Sleep-Wake States Arc
How Do We Identify Toxic Stress Patterns

Step Two

Qualities of Engagement with Ages

Step Three

Four Brain Systems: Support Customized and Collaborative Care
Individual Differences Linked with Sectors of Care


From Stuart Shanker and Kristin Wiens:

Reframe the Behavior



Interview with Connie Lillas
Alfie Kohn - Paradigm Shift away from Rewards and Punishments