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Travelling With Young Children


Includes links to medical and early childhood websites, government/travel/airline websites + some blogs.

Flying and ear pain

Motion sickness

Sensory sensitivity


(note that books have not been reviewed individually)


Videos for caregivers (by caregivers):

Flying with a Toddler: (see script for links to items discussed)
Flying alone with a toddler + travel tips: (see script/links)
How to Travel with a Toddler: 20 Tips!
Air Travel Hacks with Toddlers and Little Kids (10 practical tips)
Airplane Activities for Kids:
How to Road Trip with a Toddler: 30 Tips for New Parents

Videos for children:

Airplane Videos for Children
Traveling on an Airplane
At the Airport Conversation
TSA Kids Animation
Autism Airplane Preparation

Social stories/visual supports


Taking an airplane Autism Speaks
Airports, Airplanes, Autism Center for Autism and Related Disabilities